Latex Layer Super Soft

Spring Mattress

From Rs. 49,975
Double Layer Classic

Foam Mattress

From Rs. 6,420

Premium Super Soft – Spring Mattress

Single 72″ x 36″ Rs. 40,375 Double 72″ x 48″ Rs. 50,375
Queen 72″ x 60″
75″ x 60″
78″ x 60″
Rs. 60,275
Rs. 60,875
Rs. 62,175
King 75″ x 72″
78″ x 72″
Rs. 70,275
Rs. 71,775

Feel the admirable softness of the latest pocket spring development that individually supports your angles to give you riving tranquility with minimal partner disturbance. Exceptional upholstering with plush cushioning will allow you to wake up refreshed after a sound sleep of contentment.



  • 15 Year Warranty for spring Structure
  • 5 Year Warranty for cushion

Spring Mattress


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